January 16, 2008

Web 2.0.1

Revision notes:

1. I updated the post not a final testament, aka the Mother's Day Special, today; added some lines, fixed a couple more. I know, it's kinda sorta cheating, and you can be as rigid with your own blog as you like.

2. I now have a profile page on Facebook to go with this blog; it includes links of interest, favourite quotes, silly applications that pretend to be serious, and pictures of me as embodied by a frog — in case you haven't caught the poorly germanized reference in my nom-de-blog.* Once I figure it out, there will also be notifications whenever I update this (or my other) blog.

Search for "Froscha Wenig" and add me as a friend. My friend list is inaccessible to people not already added. Bonus: You will appear to be one person more popular in your profile. So will I.

* please refer to "Origin Story" at Narrative Cavity (top right corner, front page) to better understand the nomenclature and my philosophical modus operandi. Besides this, I like frogs. This affinity predates the blogs. As for the bad translation, I'm part-German by birth. This bloodline predates all blogs.

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