December 27, 2007

hard to know if he knows

I can relate to these lyrics all too well, as if the songwriter had traced a few brainwaves while I was thinking about the object of my unrequited love or the many reasons why I consider myself to be — new word! — unrequitable. This sampling of my psychic drivel, which I did not consent to, could have taken place at... almost any given time, given the ridiculous frequency of my dramatically mundane thoughts on this subject.
Sophie Zelmani
Hard to Know

I ain't here for fun
Can't be moved around
Maybe that means I can't
Give you a good time

I could spend my time
Looking at you
But as long as you're striving
I've got to do that too

Hard for you to know
I'm dripping of love
Hard to defend
I'm only dreaming of love

I'm not here to make
My voice heard
Maybe that makes me smaller
In this world

I could spend my time
Wishing I was like you
But if you think my life
Looks alright, I'll think so too
- - - - -

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